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The creative talent of Oryan is altering the ArtWorld with his unprecedented LIQUID FUSION technique. Highly textured canvases,multiple layers, explosions of color, all expertly contained under amesmerizing, high-gloss finish.  The stunning results have collectors fromaround the world asking for more LIQUID FUSION. Oryan’s paintings includethe traditional and the unexpected:  acrylic paint, crushed crystals,ground quartz, and translucent micas.  

Oryan uses paintbrushes, blow-torches, gravity and his barehands to coax the colors and substances multi-directionally each singular layerat a time. Every completed painting is the result of 20-30 layers of artisticapplication and complexity. Due to the volatility of the components, Oryan must prepare and complete each individual layer in an uninterrupted flowof artistic focus.  Each stage has its own unique demands as the materialsused alternately repel and blend with each other, requiring immense attentionand immediate execution.

​It is extremely rare that an artist invents an entirely newmethod to convey his inner vision onto canvas.  But Oryan has managed to forge an exceptional technique that others are now trying to emulate anddecipher.  Enjoy the artwork and dive into LIQUID FUSION for yourself!